Eaglemount Wine and Cider

About Us

We started our winery in 2006 here on the Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington State.  We own one of the original homesteads in the area and started making hard cider and wine from the wonderful heirloom apples from our homestead orchard in 1996. Some of the varieties include: Gravenstein, Winter Banana, Jonathan, Roxbury Russet and more. We also have a cider orchard with French and English varieties of cider apples.

As our passion for winemaking blossomed, we found premium wine grapes from small eastern Washington vineyards.  Our underground cellar proved to be the perfect place to age these wines.

We have many family, friends, and mentors to thank for our continued success.  As we develop our website we will be featuring more photos of our operations and our many helpers.

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