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Even though the busy football season has just come to an end, the start of a new campaign is just around the corner. The bet link for betting online on 1xBet will provide you with access to a wide range of events. In the company, you can also make bets on the games of the Spanish championship, where there were some interesting changes in summer. Thus, Carlo Ancelotti returned to the head coach position in Real Madrid. After 6 years, the Italian again headed the Creamy; however, now it is a slightly different team that needs a complete renewal. Ancelotti is no way a restructuring specialist, so the chances are high that he will try to "squeeze the most" out of the current squad. Open the bet link for betting online on website 1xBet and make a bet on how successful the season will be for Real Madrid headed by the Italian specialist. Now, the main problem of the Creamy is the lack of new leaders. Even though Ancelotti hasn't been a head coach for 6 years, he knows many players. Indeed, they are still top-class players, but they are far over 30 now. And young players still fall short of expectations. Visit the bookmaker’s website www.1xBetbd.com/line/Cricket/ and make your forecasts regarding the forthcoming season for the club. You can easily find games on 1xBet from this sports discipline. All the key tournaments are covered.

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Now, it’s much easier to follow the competitions where the Royal Club and its rivals take part. For this, you should only register in the betting company and add funds to your account. Try 1xBet live stream, because it's extremely convenient. In the forthcoming campaign, Real Madrid will largely rely on its older leaders:

  • Benzema;
  • Modric;
  • Kroos.
But it's still unknown, whether someone will be able to take the fans by surprise. They expect a lot from Azar, whose first 2 years of playing for the Creamy were completely disappointing. However, fans expect that a new physiotherapist will be able to somewhat decrease the Belgian's injuries. As for Ancelotti, he is obviously a temporary person. Most likely, the results of Real Madrid headed by Carlo won't deteriorate, which is good, given the financial crisis of the team. However, one shouldn't expect any qualitative progress. However, you can always try live stream on 1xBet and watch games of the Creamy in a convenient form. There is a long and busy season ahead, but now you are sure not miss anything important and will be able to make the most profitable bets.